Boar Investment Group

Group Profile:

Boar Investment Group was founded in 2007. Consider of China's policy “The Belt and Road Initiative”, Mr. Zhang Haipeng, the chairman of group, is optimistic about the development potential of Southeast Asian countries. He moved the headquarters to Phnom Penh, Cambodia, and is committed to the development of many industries in Asia. Boar Group promotes the internationalization and diversified development strategy actively. The investment fields involved : trade, internet, games, real estate, catering, media, tourism hotels, finance and other industries have made important contributions to the local economic development. Boar 's footprints are spread across China, Cambodia, Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, and Japan. We will move further afield. Boar will thoroughly implement the overall development strategy, maintain the company's good development momentum, seize market opportunities and achieve long-term healthy development under the risk control of premise, and make greater contributions to the Group.

group profile
president speech

President Speech:

Since established in 2007, Boar has been pioneering and innovative, and its main business has been developed continuously and effectively. The scale of assets has been continuously expanded and the business structure has been gradually optimized. With the persistence of perseverance and sincere attitude, we will create a brilliant life and a brilliant career. Recalling the past years, we are extremely proud; looking at the future, we are full of confidence. Boar will further move into the world and strive to build a first-class innovation-driven integrated enterprise group and become a world-renowned enterprise.。

--Zhang Haipeng